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August 30, 20090 Comments

I love my full frame DSLR and the various lenses, but having the monster by my side constantly just isn’t practical so for the last 6 months or so, I’ve been looking for a compact camera.  I wanted something I could throw in my pocket, or bag and always have with me, but I didn’t want to sacrifice quality.  I narrowed my search down to two, the Canon G9/10 and the Panasonic LX3.  Both seem to have rabid followers and from the reviews I’ve read, both are wonderful compact cameras that produce superb images.  After much contemplation, I settled on the Panasonic. 

Panasonic LX3Why the Panasonic?  Well, I really like the aesthetics.  It reminds me of the old Rangefinder style cameras.  It has a F2.0 Leica lens, great for low light.  Settings are fairly simple to change, white balance, ISO, f-stop, metering, etc. by using a little joystick on the back of the camera, it will even bracket exposures, something I came across accidently.  Of course, if you want to go fully automatic, it has a ton of preset scene settings and all the bells and whistles of the most recent compacts.

What could be improved?  I would like to see a built in viewfinder instead of having to look at the LCD to compose.  There is an option to add a viewfinder that slips into the flash shoe, but sometimes I want to use that to trip a flash.   A longer focal length lens, though this isn’t a big deal to me, I tend to like the wide angle lenses.  It would just be nice to have the option.  Other than that, I’m very happy with my purchase so far.  I’ll be making a trip up to Canada in a couple of weeks so it will get a good workout.

I’ve posted a couple of quick handheld photos below:

Lunch – outside, mixture of shade and sun.

lunch - Baja Tacos

Macr0 – New presidential dollar.  It’s amazing how many gouges and scratches you can see.  Studio flash triggered by the LX3.

Presidential Dollar Macro

Until next time. – Jim

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