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A Great Few Days of Photography

June 7, 20100 Comments

Recently, I traveled down to Los Angeles to visit my good photography buddy, Linda I’ Anson.   We planned to do some night photography around L.A. and then a photo shoot with an aspiring lifestyle model, Jules.  The few days I was there exceeded any expectations I might have had in anticipation of my trip.

I arrived at LAX on Thursday, we had an early dinner with Linda’s daughter and husband and then headed out with our tripods to the Walt Disney Concert Hall located in downtown L.A.  Great place for abstracts.  The architect, Frank Gehry is the same architect that designed the EMP in Seattle.

Linda was taking some very cool shots with her Lensbaby.  I’ve posted a couple below.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Downtown L.A.

And a couple of mine (obviously, not with a Lensbaby).

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall

We also spent some time taking some long exposure shots specifically to capture the streaks of lights from cars and buses to give a sense of motion.  We spend some time at the Concert Hall and then moved on to a great freeway overpass about a mile away.

Long exposure - Bus lights Walt Disney Concert Hall

Downtown 6th Street

I spent the next day at the The Getty.   I wasn’t too much into the art exhibits, but the grounds and architecture are amazing as are the views of the Los Angeles area.

The Getty

That night we headed down to San Pedro to get pictures of the Vincent Thomas Bridge.  There is a wonderful little park and boardwalk near the bridge that make for great pictures.

San Pedro - Vincent Thomas Bridge

The next day we met Jules, our aspiring model, at 7am down near the Santa Monica pier. 

Here is my favorite picture from the beach.  Linda was holding a diffuser, I think it was 2 stops,  it sure helped with the harsh light.  Great eyes!


After some breakfast and a break, we headed out of town to a client of Linda’s who generously offered the photography studio in his home for us to use.

We spent a few more hours trying to figure out the lighting and came away with a few shots I like.


Wow! What a great few days in L.A.!!  Linda should put on photography workshops.  I’m looking forward to going again.

Until next time – Jim

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